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    The two Pittsburgh dailies mention few songs, but then the entire set (almost) is already documented on collectible soundboard audio.  (Keep in mind that one circulating “Pittsburgh” song, Sweet Virginia, is actually from Fort Worth.)  Despite the skimpy song clues, the Post-Gazette review is noteworthy for quoting two bits of Jagger stage dialogue that can be heard on the tape; few STP clippings actually relate such Jaggerisms, and rare is the article that cites two.




Pittsburgh Press


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar




















Midnight Rambler










Jagger: “skin-tight purple jump suit”



Opening: Stevie Wonder, “Martha and the Vandellas”



Jagger: “form-fitting purple jumpsuit”



Opening: Stevie Wonder


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “When the Rolling Stones arrived at the Civic Arena Saturday night in a Dodge camper – limousines are too conspicuous – they looked beat. As they piled out they looked as though they were disembarking from a ghost ship.”


Pittsburgh Press: “Jagger soon divested himself of a blue denim jacket to reveal his full outfit – the skin-clinging jumpsuit with a loose sash around the waist, flowing purple scarf and slightly bared chest.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “The only bad vibe came when a spectator threw an empty bottle to the stage, just in front of Jagger who shouted, ‘Don’t go throwing your bottles up here at me,’ with the audience breaking into cheers after the singer issued the order.”




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