Wednesday, July 12


    This concert slips through STP with nary a peep from Greenfield’s observers, and to this day it remains almost forgotten in fan circles.  Certainly, its dreadful (albeit complete) audio documentation can hardly be expected to inspire listeners to dig for supporting tour lore.


    The local press does contribute a new visual marker involving Jagger’s white jumpsuit and denim jacket.




Indianapolis News


Indianapolis Star

Brown Sugar



no songs mentioned










Midnight Rambler

“Johnny B. Goode” = BBJ





Jagger: “wearing a skin-tight white jumpsuit under a Levi jacket and a 6-foot-long scarlet sash, his hair full of silver glitter and his eyes made up like a drag queen”


“15-number set”


Opening: Stevie Wonder


Jagger: “white pants, T-shirt, wacky hat and a pink two-yard Charles Dickensian scarf thrown about his neck”







Opening: Stevie Wonder


Indianapolis Star: “Surprise ‘fans’ noticed peeking over the shoulders of the excited rock lovers were Gov. and Mrs. Edgar D. Whitcomb, who were taking in the scene with more than passing interest. Obviously relishing the fact that their daughter, who was among the audience, thought that it was a ‘riot’ that they would even consider coming to the concert, Gov. Whitcomb commented ‘We just thought we’d come and look...But it’s not really the kind of thing you go out into the street humming, is it?’”




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Indianapolis News


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